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Personal Consultation

Call us today for a free consultation (310) 405-2389. We are here to listen to your needs, give you some initial thoughts at no charge or obligation, determine the final outcome of your vehicle based on your style and fit it into a workable budget.

Local Wheel Delivery

If provide local delivery in the greater Southern California regions as far as Santa Barbara stretching down to San Diego!

Nationwide Shipping

If we cannot deliver the wheels to you personally, we will ship them to you through our FedEx carrier within 48 states in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii coming soon)

Car Accessories

Besides wheels and tires, we supply parts such as Lug Nuts, TPSM Sensors, Running Boards, Bumper covers, Grills, and more!

Our mission

Your Personal Auto Styling Team

Your satisfaction is our top priority! We carry many options suitable for all vehicle makes and models. If we cannot find something in stock to suit your needs, we will ship it directly to you from one of our many partners, or your money back guaranteed!

Our mission

Common Questions and Concerns

As a first time car owner that is ready for an upgrade, a returning patron, or someone that just ran into an emergency situation. Not everyone is knowledgeable about optimal rim dimensions, offset, or what tires are better than others. Simply put, here are the most frequent questions we get asked.

Will these wheels fit on my car?

If the description says they will fit, the answer is YES! But if you would like to triple check, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email, we are here for your peace of mind.

What are the best tires?

That is a great question! Different tire brands have their pros and cons when it comes to warranty, durability, noise level, appearance, price, and functionality. We have an article dedicated to this. You are welcome to get a second opinion and give us a call if you find something contradictory!

Will these wheels rub?

Most wheels should fit perfectly even if your vehicle is an older model as long as the description says they will fit. If you see any aftermarket wheels on our page that you like and are not sure, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to walk you through your fitment questions and purchase.

Not satisfied or have a different question? Call or text us at (310) 405-2389 today!

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